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The Details in Design

Optimized For Your Niche

Custom Design Details

With thousands of eCommerce websites online. It's not enough to just "set up and run" an e-commerce website. Many platforms may offer those easy to a setup-and-run type of sites, but to stand out, you need the design of your eCommerce website to be optimized and customized. For the niche and clientele, you sell to.

Whether you own a complex drop shipping business that sells the latest technology or a small boutique shop with handcrafted products. Your shop has its unique features and characteristics. And that's what we capture and deliver in our design of eCommerce website.

Website Design with eCommerce Capabilities

eCommerce Web Development

Starting with the right foundation. Choosing the right platform for your online store business. All the technical aspects of a successful e-commerce website. From hosting, to clean code output, building custom functionalities, and security measures.

eCommerce Web Design

Creating beautiful, and custom-designed websites. To showcase your products and/or services. With the purpose of converting visitors into buyers. We focus on design elements from colour pallets, to typefaces, layout padding & margins, and everything in between.

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Research & Buisness Strategy

To the best design of eCommerce website for a business. We need to first understand what the business is about. Just as every business plan and strategy is unique. It requires individual methods in order to achieve conversation rates and stand out in the digital marketplace.

Structure & Design Aesthetics

We design eCommerce websites from scratch. Creating wireframe, website structure, and the overall look & feel of the website. On top of the layout and structure, comes the elements. Creative & interactive design aesthetics, animations, that give the best user experience for the customers.

How We Create Customised
eCommerce Websites

A summary of how we work, what goes behind-the-scenes, and overall work process

Development & Code Quality

Under the beautiful website design with eCommerce functionalities. Lies the code that connects it all together and makes it work. Thus design is only as good as the coding behind it. This is one of the reasons why we don't use pre-made templates. We want the site to run on clean code, easy to troubleshoot, and open for future developments.

Support & Maintenance

Before any of the websites we build launches, we make sure they're 100% ready. Through testing that guarantees everything runs smoothly. Running and managing the eCommerce website we build, should be relatively easy for any user. However, we do provide support & maintenance services. Website updates, and more.

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Conversion-Friendly All the Way

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the optimizing your ecommerce website pages to raise your conversion rate. By compelling visitors to your site to take specific actions like buying a product, registrering for a membership, calling for a sevice, or subscribing to a newsletter.
Conversion rate optimisation is our main priority as we run through your project from start to finish.

Have a Clear Value Premise

Encouraging Visitors to Act

Make it Easy & Simple to Convert

Assuring Customers on the Product

At every stage, we utilise best practices to ensure your website encourages the most leads and conversions possible once it’s launched.

eCommerce Website for Business

Why You Need eCommerce for Your Business

From startups to small businesses right through to huge brands, there are a huge number of companies that can benefit from their own ecommerce website, where they can sell their own products or services. Switching to online retail is the leading (and fastest-growing) purchasing trend.
It generates some serious ROI, it streamlines the customer’s shopping experience, and it’s absolutely essential for every retail business owner today.
In todays competitive and convenience focused society, no longer do consumers want to venture to the high street in order to buy items, instead consumers want to shop from their own homes. Making ecommerce websites a flexible solution for both businesses and buyers.

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eCommerce Web Design in Melbourne

PIT Designs & Consultancy is based in Melbourne.
We love to work with local businesses, help to launch a business online.
At PIT Designs, we create more than beautiful websites. When it comes to eCommerce in Melbourne.

The main focus is the conversion rate optimization, as mentioned here.
In order to run a successful business online, your eCommerce website development should be based on a solid foundation.
Ability to expand, add more products, different product attributes and varieties, categories, and more.

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